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2024 Topic Schedule 

16 weeks of connection, support, and inspiration for women business owners in Missouri

2024 Schedule 

We meet weekly via Zoom and spend an hour diving into each of these topics, answering questions, and bouncing ideas around. 

Week 1

Benefits! Benefits! Benefits!

Week 2

Growth Mindset

Week 3

CTAs (Calls to Action)

Week 4

What should be on a sales page?

Week 5


Week 6

Growing your email list with Opt-Ins

Week 7


Week 8

Upgrading self to upgrade business

Week 9

Money Mindset

Week 10

Benefits! Part 2

Week 11


Week 12

Get through the suckage.

Week 13

Your Message

Week 14


Week 15

Put the social in media

Week 16

WILD goals

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