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The Obligatory About Me

If we haven't already met, then welcome! This is for you!

Hi! I'm Alicia. I'm an eclectic mother of 6 carefree souls that love digging in the dirt, catching frogs, and burning stuff on our 20 acres in the Midwest. We also love music, homemade gyoza, and skateparks. 

I have a passion for seeing others succeed. I am cheerful and optimistic by nature and know that a rising tide lifts all the boats. There is more than enough for all of us to thrive in whatever we choose to do.

Whatever light you've decided to put into the world can be found with an abundance mindset... and good marketing.😉

Yes, I’ll write your email sequences, blog posts and sales pages. I will create your social media posts and help you grow your email list.


I'll also encourage you when you can't seem to find time to ask Tammy for that testimonial. I'll listen to you when your youngest is having a hard time at school and you can't focus on work long enough to write the weekly email. I'll give you permission you won't give yourself to take that break, play and recharge... Because being a dedicated business owner is no walk in the park, and I know it.

You're the boss. You know your big ideas best. I'm simply here to help you reach the people who need what you have. You're the one that's going to change the narrative; change lives; change the world. I'm honored to be a small part of that.

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