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Assisting Fun-Loving, Holistic-Minded Entrepreneurs with Virtual Business Tasks

Specializing in Email Newsletters, Social Media Posts, PDFs and more!


Hi, I'm Alicia, owner of Let's Grow Copy, a copywriting-turned-Virtual Assistant business to support Women Business Owners who want to help more people heal and recover

I wholeheartedly believe in my clients. What you're putting into the world is valuable. I'm here to empower you to keep taking that next step to grow your business because the world needs what you have. 


Running a business is no joke, and virtual tasks are never (ever) ending! I'm here to assist with digital marketing projects, inbox management, and Social Media presence.

How can I help?

Sell more products and consultations.

Revamp your website to attract ideal customers. 

Provide valuable content on your Blog.

Build your email list and stay connected with your clients.

Manage your Social Media and Networking. 

Not seeing what you need help with?



Healing Stones


Colorful Flowers


Keep it real with our regular chats about the stuff on your mind. Recharge your creative energy in productive ways. 

This world desperately needs your light and your brilliant ideas. I'm here to remind you that you are the only one that can do exactly what you do.

Digital Marketing is all about interacting with those who need what you have through storytelling and compelling wordage.


“As I've grown and scaled my business, finding the right people to help me provide value to my customers has been so stressful. Alicia, however, has made the whole process and experience - every small business owner's dream come true. She delivers the quality copy and content that my community deserves and that I would give if I was still doing it all myself. She opens up a space in my mind and time for me to focus on things in the business that only I can do. Of all her wonderful talents, what I appreciate the most about working with her is that she is always open to direct feedback. This has made the integration of her work into mine an easy and seamless one.”

Emily, Kaulumaika

What's More Affordable
Than Hiring An Employee?

(Hiring an adaptable Virtual Assistant!)

The needs of every business are different, and this is not an exhaustive list of services available, but it gives you an idea of what my prices are (I know how helpful it is to have that information upfront). 

Rather pay hourly or have a monthly retainer option? I'd love that too!

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